“Our team of academic experts will help you to select the most appropriate journals for your article based on topic, scope, impact and your specific objectives for the publication goal.”
Selecting the right journal for your research is a critical factor in determining whether your manuscript will be accepted or rejected. A common reason for rejection is a poor fit between the manuscript content and the journal’s scope or readership. Narrowing your options from thousands of possible journals can be overwhelming.
The Labtech Innovations can help you with the difficult task of choosing an appropriate journal for your research manuscript. Our technical team will help you to make informed decisions, maximise your chances of acceptance, and eliminate frustration and time wastage due to unnecessary journal rejections.
We provide a detailed report on several journals that will well-coordinated to your article and paper findings. You will receive a custom, comprehensive report that includes the following information for each journal:
• Research scope
• Target audience
• Journal Impact factor
• Plagiarism check
• Abstract and main text word limits and any other important formatting details
• Average acceptance rate, if available
• Average time from submission to acceptance and from acceptance to publication, if available
• Anticipated publication costs based on the journal’s published information
• A summary of the pros and cons of submitting to each journal based on your stated needs
• Other comments or suggestions the editor feels are appropriate and helpful
• Link to the journal website
• A list of similar articles published by the journal
• How well your paper adheres to the journal guidelines
• The geographic focus of the journal
• The rationale for including the journal in the report
• How well the journal adheres to your requirements
This list can be used as a guide to help you choose the best journal for your manusc
Send us your manuscript draft (including figures, tables, and references) and any details about the manuscript. For example, you can provide a short description of the following information:
Any journals to which you have previously submitted the manuscript and the journals’ decisions (include editor or reviewer comments if possible)
A list of your recent publications
Desired impact factor
Your primary goals, such as quick publication, highest possible impact factor, highest possible visibility, publication in an essential journal in your field, or publication in a journal with a large readership
Any other desired features, such as open access, advance online publication, or cost of publication
Publishing your research is vital to your professional success, and publishing in the right journal can greatly enhance your reputation in your field.
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